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Paul Salter’s Panther LS powered by a FlyCorvair 3.0L Corvair flew this afternoon!

In less than 3 years in production – SPA now has 10 Panther aircraft in the skies.  This is a great moment for all who have put their hearts into the build, like builder Paul Salter.  Thank you to all who have made this dream come true for the first 10 builders, and more to come.  Paul Salter has contributed so much to the cause – from documentation, to being at airshows to help talk about the Panther, to working with Dan to develop the kit, and even to entertaining our kids and treating them as his own family.  He deserves this victory on so many levels.  So congratulations to Paul Salter!!   Panther #10 to Fly!!!


Paul Salter's Panther LS - 10th Panther to Fly!

Paul Salter’s Panther LS – 10th Panther to Fly!

Dan and Paul after the first flight of Paul's Panther - Congrats Paul!

Dan and Paul after the first flight of Paul’s Panther – Congrats Paul!

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