Tony Spicer’s Jabiru Powered Panther Takes to the Skies 9 comments

Tony Spicer took his maiden flight in his Jabiru powered Panther LS today – and all went very well!  Congratulations Tony!  We appreciate you and all of your hard work, determination and patience that went into your build.  Thank you for taking the time to make us all feel like part of your journey with your wonderful build log and your straight forward advise.  Your work is outstanding and we are so happy for you!

Here is a note from Tony after his flight:

“First flight, and I was just along for the ride. I began to catch up with what had happened on the drive home. My goal was to get some time on the engine and feel the airplane out a bit. The last time I’d flown anything faster than a Cub or Champ was 3 years ago when I flew the Panther prototype. I had no problems with the flying until it came time to land. Took 3 tries to finally get it on the ground. The Panther likes to fly and is very light and responsive on the controls.  No issues with the Jabiru 3300 CHT’s or oil temps, even with the 85 degree weather.  Another couple flights to make the engine happy, then I can start exploring the flight envelope.

Since my Panther sports a POW/MIA flag, it’s very fitting that this flight took place on Memorial Day weekend.”


Tony's Maiden Flight - the Panther Grin!!

Tony’s Maiden Flight – the Panther Grin!!

Tony Take Off Tony Take Off 2

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