Up, Up and AWAY!

Not really up and away, mostly out and down the road.  Panther tail kits have geared up and flown out the door this week, in ground UPS trucks that wish they could fly…

So the question is:  What do a bunch of Panther tails look like?  Answer:  A lot of work!

Team Panther busted hump these past few weeks.  We labeled, and formed, and triple checked parts.  Wrapped and packaged and packed our selves into the night.  We are very proud to say that even though our delivery schedule for tail kits is a few weeks behind we are ecstatic our builders have their tail kits arriving on their door steps!

Panther Tail Kit Spars, Channels, Hinges, Stiffeners and Rivets all boxed up

Panther Tail Kit Spars, Channels, Hinges, Stiffeners and Rivets all boxed up

We feel very confident in our parts quality and ease of build and cannot wait to get some feedback.  Now that isn’t to say that there will not be any issues, we are very realistic that there are growing pains and lessons to be learned.  However, our network connections and machine shop knowledge has certainly paid off in getting top-notch parts at decent costs.

Mostly, we are happy to have more Panthers begin their lives in the loving hands of their new owners.  (If we sound like parents adopting out their children that isn’t too far off.  We do have a lot of love in these potential Panthers in the sky and aren’t afraid to show it!)

Panther Tail Kit Skins, Ribs and Misc.

Panther Tail Kit Skins, Ribs and Misc

We have wing kits ramping up now, while we continue to build on plan sheets and the builders manual.  Spar kits are running on the CNC shops and materials for the ribs, skins and rear fuselage kits (tail cones) are on the way.  We are still targeting for end of October for both wing and rear fuselage kits.

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  • Ron Franck

    Kudos to everyone. It takes a lot of work, but you guys belong to a very exclusive fraternity of kit manufactures. And yes, there is a lot of unspoken interest in the flying community about the Panther. Keep up the fine work.

  • Harold Bickford

    Dan and Rachel,
    Very much the entrepreneurial spirit at work here. It has to be a good feeling to know that other folks are starting their dreams through your efforts. It is also good to know you have achieved a significant milestone in your program. What you have going here is far more than a product.