VHF Comm Radio – FL760A ON SALE! (While Supplies Last)

FL-760 - only 2 1/4 inches tall

FL-760 – only 2 1/4 inches tall

We just received word that pricing on the FL760A transceivers is going up as of 8/31/16 or while supplies last.  THIS IS FOR THE NEW/IMPROVED MODEL.  If you order now the price is 645, plus shipping.  After 8/31/16 or when stock runs out, the pricing will be $725 per (Aircraft Spruce already increased their price to $776!).  Our supplier has less than 30 units left, so if you are looking to order – please do so now by clicking HERE.

VHF Comm Transceiver FL-760A is a compact, and reliable two channel radio.  This NEW and IMPROVED version (previously the FL-760) has better clarity and updated features.  This is a cost effective choice for experimental aircraft.  We have used this radio in many of our aircraft and are very happy with the results.

The FL-760A is extremely small and one of the lightest radios in the industry at just under 1 lb in weight (replaces the FL-760).  It provides a frequency range of 118 to 137 MHz with a 5 watt transmitter and 11 – 33 volt power supply.  The built-in 2-place VOX intercom is sensitive and perfect for small aircraft cockpits.  Users can switch between frequencies with the “flip/flop” option or use scan mode to sift through 32 programmable frequencies; additionally, there is a single button relegated to the 121.50 emergency frequency only.  The FL-760A now offers updates to the original: Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature and audio inputs are separate for pilot and co-pilot.  Also, intercom, VOX, volume and mic gain adjustments are now conveniently programmable from the front panel.  This transceiver is ideal for noisy cockpits providing very clear reception, minimal squelch, and clear output.

Compact & lightweight with updated features.
• Built-in 2-place VOX intercom
• Easily select channels via the 32 programmable memory channel call-up, emergency button, or scan function
• Less than 1 lb in weight
• Backlit display for easy reading

Radio - FL 760 Face Plate

Radio – FL 760 Face Plate


Weight: 0.9 lb
Dimensions: 2.25″ x 6.3″
Frequency range: 118.00 to 136.975MHz
(Receive:108.00 to 136.975MHz)
Channel spacing: 25kHz
Mode: AM (6K00A3E)
Available memory channels: 32
Acceptable power supply: 11.7 to 33 VDC (Negative ground only)
Usable temp. range: -20C°to +60C°
Frequency stability: +/- 5ppm
Current drain: TX: 3A(max) RX 0.8A(max) Standby: 300mA
Exposed dial face: 2 1/4.5 inches
Certification: NOT TSO

Transmitter Output power: 5 W (carrier), 16W (pep)
Modulation: small stage modulation

Radio - FL760

Radio – FL760

Modulation limiting: 70 to 100%
Audio harmonics distortion: Less than 15% (at 85% modulation)
Hum and noise ratio: More than 40dB
Spurious emissions: -16dBm or less
Antenna impedance: 50Ω

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