What is it like to actually build a Panther?

Like all airplanes the Panther was designed with a specific set of compromises. One major goal was ease of build and a low parts count.

We would like to give you a taste of what it is actually like to build a Panther, so we are posting here an excerpt of the Rudder section from the Panther Builders Manual and an example of a the Rudder Plans Sheet.

Panther Builders Manual – Rudder Only

Panther Demo Plans Sheet – Rudder

You can also see builders progress on the PantherCave and our Beta Builder Tony Spicer has done an excellent job walking us through his build with a photo tutorial HERE.

Reminder – Barnwell, SC Corvair College #27 is only a few weeks away.  You are invited to come and see the Panther @ KBNL airport anytime Veteran’s Day weekend –  November 8-10th.  Let us know if you can make it by clicking the box below!

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  • Harold Bickford

    It looks as though ease of build and low parts count are achieved. As in any build care in assembly is the key factor. Folks should get a good look at the Panther during CC#27. We’ll be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary here in Nebraska at the same time.

    Harold and Edi