Corvair Finishing School Day 1 Progress

Meet our Builders @ Corvair Finishing School June 2019!

Or first builder is Mr. Bill Hutson who is building a Zenith 750 STOL aircraft and a Corvair 3.0L for the power plant.

Bill traveled from Albuquerque, NM and started with our 3.0L EIB kit yesterday morning.  By the end of the day he had the entire bottom end assembled.

Bill Hutson’s 3.0L Corvair Crankshaft and camshaft installed with main bearings.

Bill Hutson – 5th Bearing Housing prepping for installation

Bill Hutson installing his Gold Prop Hub and Safety Shaft

William Wynne showing Bill Hutson how to install the cotter pin.

Progress in one day! And a smile to go with it.

Our second builder is Mr. Tom Kodey from Port Orange, FL.  Mr. Kodey is building a Panther LS tail dragger and is installing a 3.3L Corvair as his power plant.  He is using our 3.3L EIB kit.  He also started with his parts yesterday morning and has his bottom end fully assembled.  Here are some photos of his progress from yesterday.

Tom Kodey is starting the installation of the rod bearings into the connecting rods.

Corvair 3.3L Connecting rods – reverse pins are used here for clearance purposes.

Tom Kodey and fellow Corvair builder Lane Seidel from Tarry Town, GA working on torquing the rod bolts.

Tom Kodey and his progress from Day 1 of Finishing School – June 2019.  I took this photo this morning to catch his progress from yesterday.  Just before he started prepping for painting his cylinders.

We got a lot of work done in our first day of Finishing School.  We did steady, clean, organized and quality work while learning, teaching and having fun.  This is a laid back atmosphere with no chaos, and no rushing.  Just a couple of guys (and gals) working on our projects together and enjoying the company of like minded individuals.

Here is a photo of the crew eating lunch and telling airplane stories.

From left to right – William Wynne, Bill Hutson, Tom Kodey, Lisa Finch, Dan Weseman and Lane Seidel

Remember – open house today at SPA – swing by from noon to 6 and check us out.

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