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What’s A Cougar?

The Cougar is a two place, tandem version of the Panther.  Although – the truth of the matter is the Panther is a shrunken version of the Cougar.  Only the Panther prototype was built first.  Why?  Because we needed to break ourselves into bringing a kit airplane to the market with a model that #1 will attract a smaller builder base and #2 attract builders who have built before.  Bringing a kit airplane to the market is no small feat, and pacing ourselves on the Panther has helped us solidify the foundation required to bring a two seat aircraft to fruition.  Are all the kinks worked out?  Of course not!  But the foundation is strong and the tweaking moving forward will simply be making something that is great even better.

Status of the Cougar:

We have not started cutting metal on the Cougar yet, but a good part of what has been done on the Panther will transfer directly and/or indirectly to the Cougar design.  This includes drawings, plan sheets, CNC files and parts.  This means we will be able to bring the Cougar to the market even faster than we did with the Panther!

What is it going to look like?

Here is a side view drawing of the Cougar, including the specs.


Cougar side view specs PDF Version



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18 thoughts on “Cougar

  • Dries bRits (JA)

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Great aircraft in the LSA category. Maybe our proposal is out of place but will it be possible to lift the backseat by 200mm? When will this aircraft be available to the market?

    Kind regards.
    Dries Brits – Britharius & Associates

  • Joe Fink

    When you design the Cougar…Then you should design it with two seats that are side by side…Since the wife really does not want to sit in the back seat looking up at her husband’s bail head…Similar to the Sonex with dual sticks, so a pilot can get some dual or checked out in it….Love your airplane….thx Joe Fink, East Texas….

    • Rachel Post author

      There are so many great low wing side by sides out there it doesn’t really make sense. When we do a side by side it will be a high wing, so each person can enjoy the scenery.

    • KM Tobin

      Plenty of SxS examples of LSA aircraft out there….virtually NO tandem with sport aerobatic capability. waiting with $$ for the Cougar!

  • Dries Brits

    Tandem aircraft are great for training. I hope you will lift the back seat by 200mm which will increase the view for the person in the rear. It will also help that person not to get sick in flight.

    Looking forward to this product.

    Dries Brits – South Africa

    • Rachel Post author

      Thanks for the input.
      The Cougar is not intended to be a “training ” aircraft other than possibly as a transition tool for those wanting to fly Panthers. Also the Cougar is aimed more at the 1+1 market , like the tandem RV series.
      Raising the rear seat in a small aircraft like a cougar really impacts aesthetics, and aerodynamics. The only light aircraft I recall seeing that does this nicely is the replica Tucano out of Italy, but it is a replica of a military training aircraft….
      I’ve never had issues with feeling sick in the rear seat in any of the aircraft I’ve flown tandem in, but it is an interesting point.
      Thanks again for the feedback!

  • Gordon

    Please keep it a tandem. There are already lots of side by side planes to choose from. Keep the beautiful lines of the Panther.
    And I hope you start cutting metal soon.

  • Adam

    Tandem is the way to go for any aerobatic sport aircraft but I do like the idea of raising the backseat a little for better visibility. As far as impacting the aesthetics I think it improves it! That Tucano replica that is in Kitplanes is a sexy looking ride. I was however disappointed by the performance numbers for it. I do think y’all need something else to separate the Cougar further from the RV8 either raised back seat and or back seat PIC would go a long way towards that. Of course folding wings and hopefully lower pricing than Vans helps too 😀 Keep up the great work!

  • Bryan

    Will the Cougar be solo’d from the rear or front seat? Also will it be possible for the rear passenger/pilot to fly off instrumentation in the front like a cub or will it have provisions for a basic rear panel? Will certain Panther parts be used on the Cougar? Can’t wait for it to fly and love the aesthetics, like a mini-Extra!
    Thanks, B. Harris, Las Vegas.

  • Brian

    Love the unwavering focus on the Panther model and ensuring that customers are receiving quality materials and terrific support in a timely manner (a wise business decision). That said, there are many of us who are anxiously waiting to write a check for the Cougar kit. There just aren’t any other designs out there that fit the specific mission profile of the Cougar: steel tube cockpit, tandem seating, simplified construction, great performance, folding wings, and beautiful lines! It’s a pilot’s have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too airplane!

  • John L

    Hi Dan and Rachel,
    Any updated time frame for when Cougar kits may be available? I periodically check in to your website to find out.
    All the best, JL

  • Pete Timbie

    So happy with your success. You guys are (IMHO) The most exciting homebuilt aircraft available right now. I want to build one so bad!!! Kecia would prefer I wait for the Cougar. So, I am waiting. Given the lessons you guys have learned in the producing the Panther, I know, it will be worth the wait. However, I think I can speak for many when I say, Its like a kid knowing that Mom and Dad have our Christmas presents hidden in their room and we cant wait to get a peak. We really cant wait to open them!! Go Cougar!!!

    • James Neely

      Looks like the Cougar is dad in the water. It’s been 4 years now and no sign. Too bad it looks like it could have beeen a winner

  • Nic Dawson

    I noticed there are items listed in the Cougar Accesories section. I am not sure how long this has been that way, however hoping it is a good sign of things to come. I am about to start a Waiex B project… however would prefer a Cougar! I have been waiting patiently and have been told by a few folks that have been to the factory recently to not hold my breath. I would love to see the Cougar prototype this year at OshKosh, and am just hoping that it has been hidden from the public! I would truly prefer to build a Cougar however my fall back is the Waiex B. I would like to start my build project very soon and am hoping that it can be a Cougar!